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WTF: Mallika Sherawat To Play Radhe Maa In A Biopic On The Godwoman

Radhe Maa
Radhe Maa

WTF: Mallika Sherawat To Play Radhe Maa In A Biopic On The Godwoman

Hate her, love her but you cannot ignore her. Self proclaimed God woman Radhe Maa who has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons from her pink skirt pictures to her statement of being “pure and pious” after a dowry case was registered against her, may have found a reason to be happy. The popular God woman known has Radhe Maa who has hundreds of followers on Twitter and otherwise is now going to have a movie made on her life that will star actress (not sure if she is one yet) Mallika Sherawat playing the lead role. Apparently Dolly Bindra and few other actors have also been approached for key roles in the film.

With the kind of controversies Radhe Maa keeps inviting for herself lately, we aren’t too surprised that now there’s going to be a film based on the rise of this self proclaimed God woman. After MSG this could be the next “big thing” made on god men/women. What has surprised us is the casting. Many are curious to know Radhe Maa’s reaction on Mallika Sherawat portraying her. In between we also got to hear the news that Radhe Maa has been selected as one of the contestants for Bigg Boss 9. Later, the God woman released a statement in the media saying that it was just a baseless rumour. Strangely no clarification has come from Radhe Maa about this film and several are interpreting her silence as a “yes”. If there is indeed going to be a film based on the life of this woman, we have a feeling that it might actually work, given her numerous followers on Twitter. If that does happen, well.

We really don’t know what to say!


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