Hilarious Gujju English Pronunciations


We love Gujjus and everything about them. Rather as Gujjus, we are proud! You can make fun of us, call us “Gujju” instead of “Gujarati”, comment on our evergreen love for fafdas and theplas, but let’s face it; we are the chillest people the world knows. Our Gujju English Pronunciations are famous throughout the world with everyone holding it up as one of the characteristics of our community, but you know what? “Amey toh eva j che” (We are this way!) Why just you? We too agree that we have hilarious Gujju English Pronunciations. So here we are, jolly and jocund as ever, bringing before you a list of 30 hilarious Gujju English Pronunciations that can only come from us.

This isn’t an attempt to make fun of any given community, it’s just an attempt to show how these pronunciations make each one of us unique based on where we hail from. These Gujju English Pronunciations prove why we are unique and there cannot be another us. Check these out and you will find it extremely easy to recognize a Gujju. There are other ways to recognize us though- our food, our humor, our business ideas and our large hearts!

These brilliant images were designed and published by Fireflydaily.com. They have put together close to 35 words that are funny, we picked the 30 best and have put them up here. From food words to cars everything has been taken care of in this list.

Presenting, 30 Gujju English Pronunciations that make us unique and adorable 😉

Let’s begin with the most basic words and then move to complicated stuff.

Gujju English Pronunciations of Law Gujju English Pronunciations of Maggi Gujju English Pronunciations of Mall Gujju English Pronunciations of Aeroplane Gujju English Pronunciations of pizza Gujju English Pronunciations of Matter Gujju English Pronunciations of Principal Gujarati Pronunciations of Alarm Gujarati Pronunciations of Beg Gujju English Pronunciations of Ball

Tired of laughing? Oh wait, not so soon, there are ample more!

Funny Gujarati Pronunciations of Nashta Funny Gujarati Pronunciations of Pad Funny Gujarati Pronunciations of Fashion Funny Gujarati Pronunciations of Sauce Funny Gujarati Pronunciations of Diesel Funny Gujarati Pronunciations of Snacks Funny Gujarati Pronunciations of Call Funny Gujarati Pronunciations of Taxi Funny Gujarati Pronunciations of Career Funny Gujarati Pronunciations of Foreign


Pause for a breath. Better now? Continue…

App is pronounced as ape by gujartis Hall is pronounced as Hole by gujartis Important is pronounced as impotent by gujartis Easy is pronounced as Ejhee by gujartis Zee tv is pronounced as jhee tv by gujartis Visa is pronounced as Vijha by gujartis Wrap is pronounced as Rape by gujartis Office is pronounced as Hophiss by gujartis Divorce is Pronounced as Daivorce by Gujartis Audi - Odi - Gujrati Pronunciation

So now you know what the fuss is all about.

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