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Life in an Engineering College

Life at EngineeringCollege
Life at EngineeringCollege

Life in an Engineering College

This is probably the most perfect video on life in an Engineering College we have ever watched! We have heard about how Engineering isn’t that easy and also that in spite of all that college life is fun. This video by Creative Labs Surat is the perfect ode to Engineering. From being ragged by seniors to actually ragging others, from losing friends for a girl to gaining friends after losing the girl, this video not only depicts life at an Engineering College in India, but speaks in general about almost life in colleges (in certain portions). Whether you have studied in an Engineering College or not, you will be able to relate to it completely. The concept is extremely unique and interesting as there are no dialogues and yet it speaks volumes. It doesn’t require you to have any pre given knowledge about Engineering; it’s simple and epic in its depiction. From the conceptualization, to the editing, the performances and most importantly the thought after creating this fantastic video is extremely commendable. Move aside Aamir Khan and his two idiots, we just found our 3 real idiots who are at their creative best.

The short film hits a cord with everyone. Although the video is about the life of a student in Engineering; it doesn’t really have anything to do with Engineering per se. The film explores and projects the life of every student and the phases he/she goes through in life at college. From broken friendships to a relationship, the film covers ever arena of college life. We particularly loved the bit based on the senior-junior relationship. How perception changes we you are a junior in college and when you are a part of the senior group in the following year. The video has received a lot of appreciation by engineers and students in the country. Bravo guys! Have a look!

The video is named ‘Abhiyantriki’.


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