Home News Addictive Chaiyya Chaiyya Michael Jackson Mashup!

Addictive Chaiyya Chaiyya Michael Jackson Mashup!

Chaiyya Chaiyya MJ Mashup
Chaiyya Chaiyya Michael Jackson Mashup

Chaiyya Chaiyya Michael Jackson Mashup!


This is so good and addictive, you will keep listening to it all day. Believe me the song is on repeat while I am posting this article. This Chaiyya Chaiyya Michael Jackson mashup is just going to keep you asking for more. It just leaves us wondering the amount of talent people have and the way they play around with music. It’s a different thing to know or learn music and another thing to be able to club two different genres to create a third unique baby. The dress the choreography and most importantly THE MUSIC is so cool, it’s going to get you on your feet and do a little jig with the dancers in the video! Who would have thought Chaiyya Chaiyya Michael Jackson could get together like this and create something that can put regular chart busters to shame! The sheer imagination and then amazing execution is going to bowl you over big time! It’s not just about east meeting West in a creative amalgamation; it’s about two cultures being able to find a common point in art and getting into a happy marriage. The video overflows with Youtube royalty and people almost expected them to dance on a train. How we wish they could get Sharukh Khan, Mallika Arora Khan and the late legend Michael Jackson all together to watch this epic-ness. You won’t be able to stop your feet and won’t curb snapping your fingers at this one. This should be the music of the day! Late Michael Jackson and A.R Rehman both will be so happy to hear this! The video is already taking over the internet like a storm on fire. So much so that the film industry in India has given it a thumbs up alreday! Missing this one is a sin! SRK fans you, can thank us later! Watch it and hear it right here!

Source : Kurt Hugo Schneider

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