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Indian Education System Hilarious Video

Education System
Indian Education System

Indian Education System Hilarious Video

The Indian education system has changed a lot over the years. If you ever sat and spoke to your elders on how they studied, you are sure to get a very, different response. Even if you spoke to kids from the 90s you will definitely get a different review about India’s education system. Times have changed now and so has the way knowledge is imparted these days. The hands that held textbooks now hold iPads when they entered classrooms. The names of students, the way attendance is taken, the way a guy asked out a girl back then and how things have changed now, it’s absolutely hilarious! Also how expensive education is these days and how Indian education system pioneers are actually making tremendous money out of it has been critiqued. It’s not only the education system they have shown, but also how the students and their attitude towards education and life have changed over the years. The way the parents deal with kids these days and the way kids respond to their parents is very different in both the ages.

It’s something else to see how student life has changed and evolved over a period of time. Remember the time when your parents and grandparents keep telling you how they had a strict college and school, how they could not ask for as much pocket money as you do, how “love” had a different meaning in college and how a degree held a prime importance in their lives; this is virtually the very same thing on screen. It’s brilliantly scripted, acted out and executed! You have to watch this, it will make your day!

There is only one thing that is common between the two ages. What is it? You need to watch here! Have a good laugh and share it! Well done East India Comedy!


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