Canceriya: This Ad On The Reality Of Pan Masala Ads Is Something Every Indian Must Watch

It’s short, simple and crisp; its impact is intense. Canceriya is one ad every Indian must watch today. Pan masala addiction has taken over the nation over years now. It’s not just that these guys are careless about their own selves, but also in the way they treat their surroundings. Go to any hospital, an office or government organization; every wall is spoilt with those spits. It’s extremely off putting when someone sits and chews it in front of you or even worse spits on the road. So much for Mr. Prime Minister’s “Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan”!

It isn’t like the government hasn’t taken any steps to curb this, but it doesn’t create the required impact. Caneriya is one ad that should air on every television so that people chewing pan masala every day realize what it can do to their bodies. Here’s a tip for the government; how about you stop banning beef/meat and consider banning this? At least this could ensure the health of the people!

Unlike several government ads on cancer, Canceriya doesn’t show the disturbing images of people suffering from mouth cancer. It has a very simple but an effective way of putting out the message in the open. The ad also works as a critique for a popular paan masala brand with the tag line “daane daane may kesar ka dam”. We hope they get the message here. Canceriya works as an eye-opener for celebrities who are ready to endorse anything all for the love of money. It’s time they gave it a hard look and checked whether whatever it is that they are endorsing is worth it after all. They may make their money, but it damages their image too.

Probably Canceriya may be ignored like several other ads that have attempted to bring about a change, but even if it can change the attitude of one person in the country; it’s worth the effort. Well done, guys!


Source: Broken Cameras Films

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