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T20 World Cup has kick started and India will be seen in action soon enough. While we have a brilliant team to bet on, one cannot miss that it is captain MS Dhoni and his brilliant leadership skills that have always worked the charm for team India. We aren’t undermining the performance of any player from the team; we are just taking a moment to celebrate captain MS Dhoni and everything that he has done for the Indian Cricket team over the past years. We believe that India will grab the T20 World Cup this time because of Dhoni’s commitment and fine sense of judgement. Here are the top 10 reasons why Dhoni rocks!

1He is our Mr. Cool in every sense of the term

Captain MS Dhoni is popular for keeping his cool under immense pressure in the game. Moreover he ensures that the rest of the players aren’t stressed too. This works wonders in a 20-20 match. After all it is always the pressure that gets the better of you.

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2He is the best keeper

The way he judges the ball and his swiftness is incredible! He doesn’t take a second to take the bails out. The Indian Cricket team hasn’t witnessed a better wicket keeping than Dhoni’s.

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3He always supports young talent

All the new/young guys who are turning out to be a threat for all the other teams on the field have been supported and backed by captain MS Dhoni. He always believes in encouraging new talent and that has worked the wonders for team India.

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4His unparallel team spirit

More than individual scores and Man of the match titles; Dhoni believes that the team must perform to its best capability in a match. He is the perfect example of a team player.

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5He is humble

Never will you find captain MS Dhoni having any airs about himself or his position in the team. Every player desires a captain who is a friend and not a bossy leader.

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6His courage to take risks

Most of us end up getting annoyed when we expect a certain player to walk on to the field after a wicket and Dhoni sends someone else or enters the ground himself. But what seems like a blunder turns out to be a match winning decision always. Whether it is batting or bowling, Dhoni is known for taking smart, calculative risks.

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7The Finisher

Show us a better match finisher than Dhoni and we will pay you!

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8The respect for his seniors

Remember how he gave the captaincy to Sourav Ganguly in his last match before retirement? And Sachin Tendulkar himself said that Dhoni is the best captain he has played under. Need we say anything more?

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9His commitment to the game

He didn’t see his new born daughter for days because he was at the World Cup leading team India. Who would have done that?!

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10The team players say…

Everyone has immense faith in him. There hasn’t been one player who has expressed a certain discomfort in playing with him.

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Go captain MS Dhoni and team; get us that CUP!

MS Dhoni Bleed Blue NIke

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