Home News Katrina Kaif Tells You When to Get Married in Titan’s New Ad

Katrina Kaif Tells You When to Get Married in Titan’s New Ad

Katrina Kaif Titan Ad
Katrina Kaif Titan Ad

Katrina Kaif Tells You When to Get Married in Titan’s New Ad


Amidst all the gossip and speculations about her marriage, Katrina Kaif has finally spoken about when one must get married and boy! She has done it in style! The simple Titan Ad is probably the best platform not only for Katrina, but for all young people to express themselves. People sometimes get married under the pressure of family and friends without actually having a say in the matter. The Ad shows Katrina getting ready for her big day with everyone excited around her. In the background, the stunning actress gives a series of reasons that people have quoted to get married and how that isn’t right. Titan has always chosen stunning, popular actresses for promoting its collection “Raga”. Its Ads always focus on the beauty of the actress and the watch. But with Katrina’s current Ad, Titan has changed the game. It’s just not about the product anymore. It’s also about encoding a deep message with this Ad and that has made all the difference. Lately, with so many actresses raising their voice on women’s issues, it is quite obvious if popular brands join the bandwagon. Titan pulled it off with a lot of grace and style. Bringing in Katrina for this one makes perfect sense since the actress is already pestered with a lot of assumptions about her personal life. everyone wants to know when is she going to tie the knot with Ranbir. It’s quite refreshing to see how top actresses are coming out in the open and voicing their issues and opinions; inspiring others to do the same. Incidentally, the hashtag for this brand new Titan Ad seems inspired by Deepika’s #MyChoice video. The hashtag here is #HerLifeHerChoices. Pretty empowering, isn’t it? The Ad ends with the perfect lines

“Marry someone who is worth your Time.”

Titan and Katrina surely aced it with this one!

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