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This Instagram Couple’s Adventures are to die for!

Instagram Couple’
Samuel and Hildegunn Taipale

This Instagram Couple’s Adventures are to die for!


What are the kinds of pictures most of us post on Instagram? Mostly selfies, right? This Instagram Couple posts selfies too, but at locations that will make you quit your job and travel! The Couple already has over 130k followers on Instagram and their popularity is growing each day. Samuel and Hildegunn Taipale are a big rage on Instagram because of the fantastic Adventures they get to have, all thanks to Samuel who is professional photographer and gets to travel the world for his work. The Couple has travelled in 24 countries by now and has posted their beautiful travel Adventure pictures on Instagram earning them instant popularity. It’s not only that this Couple travels, it also sees to it that they help in missions around the world. Thankfully, Samuel is paid very well and this makes it easy for the Couple to travel at these exotic locations and inspire others via their Instagram accounts. His wife also works for social causes in every city/town that they ending up camping in. It’s their way of helping shape a better society and provide for people in need. She also loves teaching. Here are some of the most breath taking images of the Couple on their adventures.


Prettier than Titanic, isn’t it?

Hildegunn Taipale Tatouage Corcovado

The breath taking sunset! Don’t we all want this?

Hildegunn Taipale sunset viewHildegunn Taipale Sunset view

These guys are doing true justice to Instagram, we must say.

Hildegunn Taipale Beach Jump

The beauty in contrast! The Couple stops anywhere, randomly, when a location appeals to them! This is also the only time they argue since Samuel stops just about anywhere!

Hildegunn Taipale red Dress

The Couple hails from Finland but love travelling and had their share of Adventures eve before they met!

Samuel and Hildegunn Taipale

The serene beauty where the waters reflect the sky! Has to be a hit on Instagram!

Hildegunn Taipale serene beauty where the waters reflect the sky

The Couple prefers to use tents to cut down expenses and also remain close to nature.

Hildegunn Taipale sitting outside a tent

The best part is that the Couple doesn’t indulge in anything “typical tourist” and opt to explore the place. That’s what gets them so many followers on Instagram.

Samuel Taipale Mountain view
Hildegunn Taipale watching a Aurora

Just three words OH MY GOD!

Hildegunn Taipale Waterfall

Look at that ring! *dreamy eyes*

Hildegunn Taipale Flaunting her diamond ring

The handsome photographer proposed to his wife in Hawai (that’s where they met first)

Samuel and Hildegunn wedding in Normandy

They had a dream wedding in Normandy!


Well, we could give anything for that kind of a job and an Instagram account!


(All images belong to Hildegunn and Samuel Taipale [Instagram] [Official])


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