Being Prime Minister by Being Indian

Being Indian came up with another fantastic concept where they interviewed little children on Being Prime Minister. What is it that they would do if they ever got a chance to become one? The replies are not only innocent, but also very poignant and thoughtful. It gives us a kind of reassurance amidst all the nonsense politicians indulge in, that the future of the country is safe with kids holding such thoughts. Being Prime Minister will make you realize how thoughtful and ambitious our kids are these days. And no, they aren’t day dreaming! They have enough knowledge and information to support their moves. While most ministers want to make money and big bank accounts for themselves, children featuring in Being Prime Minister only want to work for the betterment of the society and the country. You may feel ashamed about your thoughts after watching this video. And Being Indian hasn’t only asked kids from a particular section of the society, they have reached out to all. Being Prime Minister is one of the best videos Being Indian has come up with.

The video stands proof to why we must not give up on this country yet. The future of this country is bright and promising because of these kids. Being prime Minister shows you how much kids observe, learn and create all in their mind. If you ever underestimated children and their abilities to “be the hnage” you have to start watching this video right now. We sincerely appreciate Being Indian for the conceptualization and for the thought behind this video. It’s also a motivating example of ‘parenting done right” in a time when social media interference is present in every relationship.

It is thoughtful, beautiful and most importantly something that will fill you with pride. Missing this one or watching it alone is a sin. Share it and feel proud. Being Indian, hat’s off!


Source : Being Indian

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