Game of Thrones uses Friends Theme Song

Game Of Thrones Uses Friends Theme Song

This is why we love the internet! Think of two of the greatest shows of our time. Okay, that’s subjective and open to debate. Rephrase. Think of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Game of Thrones bonding! Sounds ridiculously impossible, right? But that’s exactly what the internet’s all about.

We stumbled upon this old video of where Game of Thrones uses Friends theme song and boy we are impressed! And not just impressed, we couldn’t stop laughing! All of us know how incredibly violent and mean Game of Thrones can get. But the moment Game of Thrones uses Friends theme song it freaking looks like a happy family show.

Of course there are scenes of abuse and violence, but over all the video’s managed to show several characters smiling and laughing from the show (which is just so rare!). Needless to say the video’s won everyone’s hearts and the views are testimony to that.

Because the video’s old, you will get to see season one and two in the video only. But it doesn’t really matter. The fact that someone thought of this rather impossible (until now) mix is in itself enthralling. If Game of Thrones uses Friends theme song for real or rather any other peppy number for its opening, we are pretty sure most of just might get on the internet and begin abusing their music directors.

Now that this video is before us, we cannot stop think how’d things be vice versa? What if Friends ever used Game of Thrones theme song? If that ever happens the video will show all those arguments and game fights the adorable characters had. All of that to suit the mood of the song just like this video does. Game of Thrones uses Friends theme song is a treat for fans of both the shows across the globe.

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