This Batman v Superman Sneak Will Give You Jitters!

It all happened too soon! Before we could even say it out loud it got over! Our mouths are still open and the Batman v Superman sneak got over just when we wanted to find out what happens next! We are breathing hard and I am literally ranting here! But this is exactly what happens when you watch anything even remotely related to Batman v Superman sneak on the internet.

We all have made assumptions and theories on what the movie will be like and how epic would it be to watch these two heroes fight. The world has already been divided for us, not by religion, race and gender, but by who supports which hero. First there is Captain America on one side and Iron man on the other. As if this wasn’t enough, we also have to pick between Batman and Superman. The world is unfair! This Batman v Superman sneak released by Warner Bros. recently has given sleepless nights to all the fans. Courtesy, the way it ends!

We are either expecting an insanely awesome dialogue battle between the two heroes or a man-to-man combat. Whatever it is, it is going to give us a nail-biting experience for sure. For those who are ardent Batman fans, the scene when Superman arrives and everyone bows is going to make you scream and pull your hair.

It cannot get better than this! As the date of the film’s release is closing in Warner Bros. has come up with probably the most commendable strategy to keep the fans in the loop by releasing such sneaks. You cannot get over what you see and are left panting for more.

It’s like a viral fever on the internet! We don’t need to tell you the number of views it has got in the past three days only.

That’s obvious isn’t it?


Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

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