Alia Bhatt Pictures Before She Became A Star


She entered our hearts with her entry song with brands in Student of the Year and has been enthralling us ever since. But what was Alia Bhatt like before she joined the industry? A regular girl who enjoyed milkshakes and family trips is the apt answer. These are some of the cutest Alia Bhatt pictures before she became a star that we have discovered.

Remember how she talked about her childhood in Karan Johar’s popular talk show? She shared how everyone in the industry walked up to her and said she had played in their lap and she didn’t even it! Well, we are sure she remembers one of the stars very clearly! A lot came to light after we saw these Alia Bhatt pictures before she became a star. The pictures aren’t only on how her childhood was. Most of these are with her friends; pictures of hanging out, indulging in a milkshake etc.

For those who are looking for some inspiration to lose weight, these Alia Bhatt pictures before she became a star are perfect! You have to see the girl to realize how far she has come. From a time when she was probably one of the fattest in the group, to now when her fitness regimes and acting skills are the talk of the town, this girl has come a long way.

The pictures are been shared and liked by her fans across the globe on all social media platforms. These pictures aren’t only rare; they are a gold mine for an Alia fan. After hitting rock bottom with Shaandaar, we hope the actress will bounce back big time with Udta Punjab releasing this year. Actually why won’t she? After all the love she is receiving from her fans for her films and such photos, we are sure she won’t disappoint them.

Have a look at the photos here:

Because there is nothing better than vacationing with family

Alia Bhatt Pictures Before She Became A Star


Car selfies are always in

Alia Bhatt Pictures Before She Became A Star


Alia in deep thought

Cute Alia Bhatt Pictures of her Childhood


Because it is DESSERT!

Cute Childhood Pictures of Alia Bhatt


Yes that is her!



With Pooja Bhatt! Look at Alia’s cheeks!

Alia Bhatt Childhood Pictures


She looked quite different back then, no?

Alia Bhatt as Teenager


Shaadi, Baarat, Sangeet, Pooja?

Alia Bhatt Pictures Before She Became A Star


This one’s our absolute favourite! Salman’s and Alia’s eyes are so similar. We are sure she remembers this moment till date!

Alia Bhatt Childhood pics

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