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7 Relationship Myths Busted

Relationship Myths Busted
Relationship Myths

Relationship Myths Busted


Movies always have that kind of an effect on us, don’t they? Most films and so called “happy couples” get us to predefine relationships and what they must be like. Most of these are Relationship Myths. Real life is quite different and better than what we see on screen. Since most of us are so involved with the characters and their projection of love, we believe most of it to be true and set our Relationship goals accordingly. Here are 10 Relationship Myths that we have busted here for good reasons.

The Relationship must be effortless!

Relationship Myths Busted

All relationships require some kind of an effort. Even the most perfect relationships (according to you) seem perfect because the couple is putting in an effort to make it work.


Love Does Not Ask For Compromises

Busted Relationship Myths

False! Compromise is a part of every relationship. The only thing we need to keep in check is the level of compromise and if that is affecting our individuality at some level.


Love Is the Only Happiness

Silly Myths about Relationships busted

What about job satisfaction, friends, promotions etc.? Love may give you the ultimate happiness, but to say it’s the only one isn’t really true.


The Relationship should be the topmost priority ALWAYS!

Myths about Relationships

One of the biggest Relationship Myths! It cannot always be the topmost priority; no matter how hard you try. It will among the top priorities, but definitely not the topmost every single time.


Healthy Relationships do not have fights/arguments

Relationship Love and Romance Myths

The couple may not fight or argue often; not fighting/arguing at all is impossible. As humans, all of us are opinionated and have our own line of thoughts about things and people. Arguments are common; what’s important is to get over them and resolve the matter.

It’s a lot of fun to do everything together!

Relationship Fantasy Busted

Agreed! But then there is going to be a time when the interests will vary. Respect that and continue to explore what interests you. Don’t leave it halfway because you don’t have company and forcing your partner to develop a liking for it is not fun.


Sex helps resolve things

Love Myths Busted

It doesn’t! You need to talk it out and then hit the bed.


Do you know of more Relationship Myths? Write to us in the comments section.

h/t : Lifehack.org

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