Ravish Kumar explaining Chennai floods
Ravish Kumar explaining Chennai floods

This Video Of Ravish Kumar Explaining Chennai Floods Is Alarming For Every Indian

Extremely hard working and loaded with sarcasm, Ravish Kumar has lately emerged as the ambassador of honest reporting in India. This video of Ravish Kumar explaining Chennai floods is yet another example of how hard this man works in order to ensure that the right message is delivered to the audience.

The nation is shocked and disturbed at the state of Chennai and what its people had to face due to the heavy rains. Usually everyone’s blamed nature for it. But is it only nature? Aren’t we responsible at all? While everyone blamed the government and pitied the people caught up in the floods, Ravish Kumar came up with statistics and analysis that have shocked everyone. Ravish Kumar explaining Chennai floods recently spoke about how marshy lands have been captured legally and illegally by several politicians and businessmen that has caused immense water logging in the city.

We have been so blinded by our attempt project a picture of developed India that we have abused our natural resources to the hilt. Heavy rains in Chennai aren’t new, but what has happened over the years hasn’t been taken into consideration to provide better facilities to people during the rains. Lands, that were once lakes, have been captured and houses have been built on those. Nobody can avoid rains, but we can definitely save lives and avoid the kind of financial damage the floods bring in the city.

Ravish Kumar explaining Chennai floods also mocked at statements being made on how such details shouldn’t be put on air as they are an insult to India’s reputation. The video started trending on social media platforms soon after it was released the next day after his prime time news report.

Thank you for showing us the brutal reality, sir! It is a wakeup call for all of us.


Source: Little Nepotis

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