Harry potter spells in hindi
Harry potter spells

Harry Potter Spells in Hindi


First up, we love and value art! We understand the depth it provides while expressing its country’s culture and how it manages to become a prized piece in the history of the world. We believe that no matter what the form of art is, language must never be its barrier. Language must not stop creative works from crossing boundaries and reaching people and probably that’s why translation is one of the biggest gifts for mankind. It’s quite strange because it is language that is used to cut down another language that could be a barrier. But then something else came up and mankind termed it ‘lost in translation’ and that’s our issue. We understand that English is not everyone’s cup of tea in India and therefore English films get translated in national and regional languages to reach a bigger number of audiences. Take Harry Potter for example. It doesn’t matter if one hasn’t read the book because of language problems; one can still watch all the parts in Hindi. But things get extremely hilarious when every word uttered is translated in Hindi. Harry Potter wasn’t too bad in Hindi, but the ‘Hindi Spells’ literally spoilt it. We wish that just like they didn’t translate Alohomora in the Potter films, they would have left the other spells as well. We bring you 12 mind numbing spells from Harry Potter that lost their charm the moment they got translated.


Original Spell: Lumos
Hindi Spell: Prakashit Bhawa

P.S: Lumos Maxima is Ati Prakashit Bhawa
Yes, Ron, we know. We have the same expressions.

harry potter spells in hindi

Original Spell: Expecto Patronum
Hindi Spell: Pitradev Sanrakshanam

Harry, even your wand would have resisted taking orders if this was an actual spell!

harry potter spells in hindi

Original Spell: Configro
Hindi Spell: Pawakam

Ouch! Pretty Hermione, not so pretty spell!

harry potter spells in hindi

Original Spell: Crucio
Hindi Spell: Peditto

Yes, Mad Eye, we are really in pain now!

harry potter spells in hindi

Original Spell: Bombarda
Hindi Spell: Loh-Bhasmam

Imagine Umbridge saying it with that face. ROFL!

harry potter spells in hindi

Original Spell: Imperio
Hindi Spell: Sammohito

Oh my God! Bellatrix, you scared us with your Sammohito! LOL!

Bellatrix Lestrange Imperio spell

Original Spell: Expelliarmus
Hindi Spell: Nirastra Bhava

Drop your weapons, guys! He is serious!

harry potter spells in hindi

Original Spell: Aquamenti
Hindi Spell: Neer Prakatam

Oh! Dumbledore! *sigh*

Dumbledore Aquamenti spell

Original Spell: Stupefy
Hindi Spell: Sharpatham

Snape, just don’t!

Snape Stupefy spell

Original Spell: Avada Kedavra
Hindi Spell: Mrityu Dansham

Voldemort, try killing with the Hindi one!

Voldemort Avada Kedavra Spell

Original Spell: Reducto
Hindi Spell: Bangdham

And that’s how the dragon was unleashed!

P.S: We put Sirius because he’s so handsome!

Sirius Black Reducto spell

Original Spell: Accio
Hindi Spell: Aagmano

Did it actually come to you, professor? Whatever it is that you commanded for!

Mcgonagall Accio Spell


Well, so you see the agony in translations! *Sigh*


  • Yadnik Jorwar

    It’s Confringo… Not Configro

  • Abhinnbull Zlàtan Tiwari

    First of all taksham maranasan is way much better than avadra kedavra

  • Sunil Choudhury

    When you try to be funny but fail miserably.

  • Mayuresh Sane

    Whats funny about it? To avoid common words in English they used latin words similarly to avoid hindi common words they used sanskrit words. After all those are spells so should feel like spells. If any common word is used as a spell imagine with a wand in hand how troublesome it would be to control the wand.

  • Smriti Mohta

    First of all, its confringo.. not configro. And aguamenti.. not aquamenti. Its funny how the author is choosing to comment on hindi dubbing when they cant get the english (latin, actually) names right in the first place.