TrulyMadly Creep Qawwali By AIB 


The “other messages” folder in Facebook is a living nightmare for every girl. Name any woman and she will tell you the kind of ghastly messages she has received on that folder. If you are suffering from N number of creeps stalking you on Facebook; you need to watch this Creep Qawwali by AIB.

The Qawwali is made by AIB for TrulyMadly; one of the most popular dating apps in India today. You have to listen to the lyrics to realize why AIB is so popular in the country. They have expressed the issues of every girl who’s tired of being stalked on social media platforms so aptly; you are going to end up cheering for the girls in the Qawwali. Creep Qawwali is smartly conceptualized (keeping in mind TrulyMadly’s message) and crisply written. Lately, there had been several reports by newspapers and popular websites on how women were been harassed and stalked on Facebook. From sending pictures of their p**** to asking rates; certain men have left no stone unturned to prove their “creepiness”. Shockingly, many of them hail from good families and are married! I pity the wife!

But now, every girl can watch this Creep Qawwali and feel a little better at least. This is probably every woman’s answer to every creep she has ever bumped into; whether it be a watchman, a pizza delivery guy or a rikshaw guy, this is for each one of them. AIB has included every bit of news that was reported on woman harassment and abuse into this Creep Qawwali. It is camouflaged with abundant humour, making it difficult to segregate one from the other while you are watching the video. It’s only after the Creep Qawwali ends that we realize most of it and things fall in place. It’s one of the best sarcastic Qawwalis we have seen by far.

The video was uploaded by AIB yesterday and it hasn’t stopped trending since. Watch it and you will know why.

AIB, we love you!


Source: TrulyMadly

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