Catch It Like Beckham; He Casually Catches A Tennis Ball During Wimbledon And It’s Epic

If we were to say anything about Beckham, it’d be less! This charming man stole our hearts the moment he set his eyes over a football on field and juggled with it. So while he attended one of the doubles match at Wimbledon 2015 between Jamie Murray and John Peers’ against Jonathan Erlich and Philipp Petzschner, something amazing happened! David Beckham got to display his amazing reflex action and hand eye co ordination at the match accidently! How did that happen you need to watch it here! If you catch it, you must Catch It Like Beckham, we say! He looks stunning and watch out the way the audience reacted when the aww moment happened. Is he smiling or blushing; we don’t know. But it’s just all so heart melting.

We have seen several star players watching Tennis matches, but an incident like this one is rare. It’s a treat for both Tennis and Football fans. Apart from his oodles of hotness, style quotient, tattoos and hairstyle that the world is gaga over; this incident shows a different side of the star player. You should see the humility on this man’s face in spite of having everything (literally!). The internet has gone bonkers over this one with everyone sharing the video faster than you’d take to say David Beckham! Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter; regardless of who won the match, this became the talking point for everyone yesterday. Even if you aren’t a Tennis or a Football fan, you still need to watch this for its cuteness and this man’s tremendous reflexes. It’s something you won’t regret watching at all. One of the best ways to beat Monday Blues.

Catch It Like Beckham is what you need this Monday morning!


Source: Wimbledon

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