This Subway Dance Video Is The Best Thing You Will Watch Today

They say dance is poetry in motion, but who could have thought of creating a mesmerizing piece of art on a subway? This Subway Dance Video will not only mesmerize you, it will probably make you wish you could dance this beautifully! The video published on the 11th of June, 2015 is already gaining a lot of popularity not only for its brilliant choreography, but also for its unique concept. For those of you who can read messages within a dance move, the concept is based on the struggles of letting our pasts SLIP away. What happens when the past starts damaging your future? That’s the centre point of this beautiful dance. This Subway Dance Video is what beautiful dance dreams are made up of.

The video instantly came under the limelight when people started sharing it rigorously on social media platforms. It connects with people for the kind of emotions it evokes through the moments and expressions of the dancers. It’s one of those “every dancer’s dream” kind of video. It inspires dancers in ways that just gets them on their feet and dance away to glory. “The world is your stage”, this is the thought every dancer will get after watching this beautiful video. It’s aesthetically choreographed, but good choreographies have gone wrong too. What works for this video the most are its dancers. Smooth as water, they fall in and out of each others arms so effortlessly; you just don’t want this video to end. It’s one of the best things you will watch today. It’s tranquillity in motion.

Share this and tag all your friends who love dancing. We haven’t watched something this brilliant in a long time! This will be put on repeat today.


Source : Pacman 

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