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Facebook dominates everyone’s lives today. We often read certain comments or status updates and we can’t help but notice the disastrous grammar mistakes people make. Call us a grammar police of grammar Nazis; several people feel the same way as we do. If someone is not familiar with English, we understand, but when an English medium student goofs up with basic grammar on Facebook, it’s rather embarrassing. Whether you admit or not these grammar mistakes on Facebook tick you off big time too.  Here is a list of the most common grammar mistakes that people make on social networking sites without even realising. You can give it a look and check whether you too make these mistakes or not. There is no harm in learning something that helps your language skills, right?


It’s wrong. The correct form is ‘I DIDN’T KNOW’. Do, is an auxiliary verb. When you use it in a sentence, the main verb that follows is always in the base form. The base form of any verb usually looks like the present tense. Also, it is always the auxiliary verb that takes the past tense in a sentence like this.



grammar mistakes your vs you're

If we have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Ross has already taught this to most of us. For those of us who haven’t, here’s an explanation.

Your means belonging to or associated to the person the speaker is addressing.

You’re means YOU ARE.



 This one gets jumbled up all over the place because they sound so similar.

They’re stands for THEY ARE.

There specifies a location.

Their signifies possession.



 Just like the case above these ones sound the same and are misused all over the place.

We’re stands for WE ARE.

Were is the past tense of ‘are’.

Where specifies a location.

Wear means to have something on one’s body such as clothes, jewellery etc.



 If there is something that can be counted use fewer. In other cases use less. What rather ends up happening is that less is used everywhere, while fewer is not even a part of most people’s vocabulary.



Again, sound playing the villain here and confusing everyone’s heads.

To expresses motion in the direction of a particular location.

Too means also or excessively.

Two indicates the number 2.



 For some reason people conveniently use one in the place of the other without ever realising it. They may sound similar, but there is a slight difference in the pronunciation as well.

Then means ‘at that time; at the time in question. It also means “after that, next.”

Than is used in comparisons. It is used to introduce the second element of comparison.



This one tops the list on facebook as far as comments are concerned.

Its means belonging to or associated to something that was previously mentioned. Simply put, ‘its’ shows possession.

It’s means it is.


Like we said; not huge complicated stuff. These are simple goof ups that you can correct not only for your Social media updates, but also in general.

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