Bran Stark may destroy the wall

Bran Stark May Destroy The Wall


Big Spoilers for anyone who isn’t up-to-date with Game of Thrones

We know this sounds insane, unbelievable, crazy and impossible. Chances are that most of you might think that I have had a lot of alcohol before I got on the laptop to write about this. To clear that out, I am absolutely sober (for now)! So why the whole ‘Bran Stark may destroy the wall’ statement? According to this article by The Independent┬áhere are some of the facts that might help you understand this theory.

We all agree that the moment Bran Stark decided to sneak into weirwood half way into the night without the Three-Eyed Raven, all hell will break loose. In the process we lost our dear Hodor (rest in peace) and most of us were quick to pitch the entire blame on Bran’s ‘stupidity’. The reason the White Walker King was able to find Bran is because he somehow left his mark on him and that led him into the cave.

Now, not only was the Night’s King able to trace down Bran and the rest of the gang’s whereabouts, he was also able to enter the cave. Previously, towards the end of season four, the White Walkers weren’t able to enter the cave. The Sanctuary saw to it that they don’t and it was confirmed by Leaf. Their reanimation magic doesn’t work within the cave. This is also one of the reasons Benjen Stark wasn’t able to go to the south, because well he is ‘Coldhands’ now.

But after Bran got the mark from the White Walker/Night’s King, they were able to get through the magic that protected the insides of the cave. Imagine if (for whatever reasons) Bran is to walk through the wall to South! The White Walkers aren’t able to go to the South because the wall uses the same magic that the cave used. But what if with that mark on Bran’s hand, the Night King’s army walks through it and the wall comes crumbling down?

It does make sense at a lot of levels. The White Walkers army managed to find Bran and Meera in the forest also before Benjen Stark saved them. Therefore, Bran Stark may destroy the wall and then it’s only going to be hell all out there!

The Dead are Coming!

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