Home News She Slapped Him On Live TV: IBN7 Radhe Maa Debate Brawl

She Slapped Him On Live TV: IBN7 Radhe Maa Debate Brawl

IBN7 Radhe Maa Debate Brawl
IBN7 Radhe Maa Debate Brawl

She Slapped Him On Live TV: IBN7 Radhe Maa Debate Brawl


This IBN7 Radhe Maa debate brawl is going to make you feel extremely ashamed. Currently debates are the “it thing” with most news channels. From a time when news channels invited people we’d like to listen to and gain something substantial out of the debate; the kind of guests getting invited on such debates is going from bad to worse every single day. This IBN7 Radhe Maa debate brawl is the latest example of that. Astrologer Deepa Sharma slapped Swami Omji Maharaj of Hindu Mahasabha after he passed a sexist and a personal comment in her. Om ji Maharaj slapped her back and then things got absolutely out of control.

This is surely one of the biggest lows for the Indian media. This is a humble request to all news channel houses to select their panelists very carefully. Already, several have done the damage of influencing people in the wrong way and if such brawls keep happening all the time, it’s not something that the viewers are going to appreciate. The IBN7 Radhe Maa Debate brawl has been trending since then for all the wrong reasons.

We are not against debates or discussions that focus on development, improvement and take criticism constructively. It’s definitely not for sexist men, violent women and their ugly brawls that get us to watch news channels every evening. We are sure that IBN7 too must be quite embarrassed. This incident is probably a learning lesson for all news channels and also for people who follow such panelists blindly. For God’s sake there’s a camera right there, at least maintain your stature until they say CUT! IBN7 Radhe Maa Debate brawl is a disturbing picture of the sorry state of debates on news channels today.

It’s high time we got our priorities right and invited panellists based on their qualifications and knowledge, not on their popularity, unless such controversies attract you. In that case, that’s not a news channel we’d like to watch.


Source: IBNLive

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