This Video Of People Eating Dog Food Without Knowing Is Going To Make You Laugh Until Your Sides Hurt

People can be crazy when it comes to pranks or experiments! This video of People Eating Dog Food Without Knowing will be written in history as a proof to the statement above. Apparently, a bunch of people and kids (I know!) were served the most delicious looking food without informing them that dog food was mixed with it. The reactions of people when they are busy hogging the burger without knowing about the dog food and after knowing is absolutely ROFL worthy! And there is one kid who didn’t care a damn about it! Cute and hilarious! We don’t even want to imagine what would happen if this prank was played in India! The best part about people eating Dog Food Without Knowing is that they took it sportingly and laughed just like everyone else!

We cannot even imagine how things would have been if this experiment was conducted in India. You should have seen the way these guys enjoyed their meal. If nothing else, it makes you extremely curious to give it a taste. What is it in that food that gets people to lick their fingers like that! There were kids who actually got their mothers to try it; moreover they finished the entire sandwich! Now that is something! Of all the videos that we have seen on messed up food, this one has been the most entertaining by far. You know those times when you have food at a restaurant, you love it and keep wondering what is it that they have added that makes the food this delicious? Is this video an answer to that question?!

Oh, Dear Lord!


P.S: Smart way to market a product Freshpet!


Source: Freshpet

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