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Turkey’s Coca Cola Ad does a Kolavari Di

Coca Cola
Coca Cola

Turkey’s Coca Cola Ad

It’s sexy, it’s hot and it has a set of fantastic dancers dancing on the tune of Kolavari Di. Coca Cola (team Turkey) have come up with a masterpiece of an ad that has already won the hearts of several on the internet. In this sweltering heat, a chilled bottle of Coca Cola is nothing short of bliss. But then, with the rising competition in the soft drinks industry, there has to be an appealing advertisement that will actually draw consumers to your bran from around the world. The advertising team of Coca Cola understands this very well and therefore used the super hit Kolavari Di formula in Turkey to dominate the soft drinks market. Kolavari Di had dominated the Indian chart busters for the longest. And just when most of us thought that it has died, Coca Cola revived it in a brand new avatar for the Turkey market. Did you ever imagine the song’s tunes would reach the ears of people in Coco-Cola and Turkey? It’s also not only the song but also the way the video has been shot. Set on a beach, it’s pictured on young men and women chilling by it. The choreography and the dancers will take your breath away! The video has already garnered a lot of praise from everyone getting over a million views and since the tune is already very catchy it has become the reprised version of “Kolavari Di”. This is something that Dhanush and the entire team of Kolavari Di must hear. They have set the perfect mood for the song; the direction and concept are absolutely fantastic. We can go on and on about this one but will end it here. Just put everything away and give it a look. Well played, Coca Cola!

P.S: Would love a catchy ad like this one in India.


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