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This Pakistani Show Made Fun Of PM Narendra Modi And It Is Just Plain Offensive!

Pakistani Show Made Fun Of PM Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

Pakistani Show Made Fun Of PM Narendra Modi 


We have no idea what is actually happening at the “real” political front between India and Pakistan. We say this because we do know that there is too much that isn’t getting talked about or shared in the media. But it surely doesn’t look like Pakistan wants to resolve things. Look how this Pakistani show made fun of PM Narendra Modi for nothing!

It is cheap, disgusting and outright insulting to say the least. We understand the need to entertain and generate humor to entertain your audience Pakistan, but does it need to be this cruel and vengeful? The idea of sharing this video here is not to further the rift between two countries. We have the mind to not brand the people of an entire nation based on certain few. But at this rate, there is no way we can ever achieve the kind of peace we are looking for as neighbouring countries.

Pakistani show made fun of PM Narendra Modi is trending for all the wrong reasons. It hasn’t gone down well with any Indian. Moreover, it isn’t about us; it is about maintaining the respect of the representative of an entire nation. You just cannot be doing that with the PM of any country! It may look like a fun deal for many in Pakistan, but it isn’t!

What Pakistani TV Show Mazaaq Raat has tried to do here is absolutely distasteful and unethical. It is something else when we see politicians taking a dig at each other and just something else when humour is generated in the cheapest way possible. This video is an example of why everything’s wrong with Pakistan’s sense of humour!

Watch it here and decide for yourself. The video has been doing the rounds again and creating discomfort amongst Indians.

Not funny, Pakistan!


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