A Hilarious Video On The Next Ban In India Will Leave You In Splits

What will be the next ban in India? This is a topic that trends on social media every other day. From what to eat, what to wear and even how to wear it, the Indian government has left nothing to imagination when it comes to the never ending list of bans in India.

Something that started on a lighter note has now become one of the major characteristics of the so called “Modern India”. Every time there is a certain ban in India; everyone starts discussing what could be the next ban in India. Today, it has become a joke that mocks the government and the upholders of such bans in the country leaving a bad taste in the mouths of the citizens. Beef gets banned to please a religion, and then meat gets banned to please another religion. Unmarried couples are arrested for having consensual sex in hotels; women are put down every time they even mention alcohol or late night outs!

Amidst all these bans and protests to “ban the ban”; there are some of us who find tremendous scope for humour in this sorry state of the country. East India Comedy is one of these groups that have managed to tickle our funny bone while they ruthlessly made fun of the group that brings up innovation ban ideas for the country. The next ban in India is so creatively explored and uproariously executed; it will leave you in splits.

So then when the meat ban doesn’t work; the team decided to ban the bread because hey! How do you make a meat sandwich without bread? Plus, it ends a lot of sexist jokes (don’t ask us how!).What does sexism lead to? Reproduction! Why not ban reproduction too? These may sound like absolutely insane, over-the-top take on the topic, but do you find any logic in what’s happening in country currently?

The discussion on the next ban in India in this video not only generates humour, but also exposes the probable way in which such ban discussions would be taking place in the meetings.

Mumbai is already paying a huge price of the bans; Gujarat faced internet ban for days after the Hardik Patel incident; we wouldn’t be surprised if the other metro cities join the list soon. We sincerely hope some government official looks at this video and takes the hint. It’s high time.

So, what’s next on the ban list, government?


Source: East India Comedy

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