Super Mario Turned 30 Today. AIB Indian Mario Is A Perfect Tribute To That

AIB Indian Mario is old; we know! But then, Mario and super Mario have ruled the lives of every 90s kid. It was a dream to buy those video games and keep playing them from dawn to night. It’s Super Mario’s 30th birthday today (how time flies)! AIB made this video a year back and today is the perfect day to post it again. AIB Indian Mario is spot on hilarious and sarcastic! From the way Indians are, what they eat, what they do, how they see weddings and their eternal love for Bollywood; every single element has been covered in this video. AIB Indian Mario is a perfect treat for every Indian who looks back in time and misses playing this game. This Indian Mario has to convince the father, fight goons, do a DDLJ stunt and also fight fate (read kundli) before saving the princess. On the way, he gains more points because of his sanskar and loses points for peeing on a wall! Crazy, no? Today, as Super Mario turns 30, we want him to meet his Indian counterpart again and leave everything else to our imagination. Imagine how would it be if this was for real! AIB has always been extremely creative and sarcastic with most of heir videos and this one is a living example to just that! And we guarantee that among a million fans around the world who are wishing Super Mario today, nobody can do it like us; courtesy AIB. Some game developer should genuinely consider it and make our own Indian Mario version *winks*. A perfect treat on this weekend for all of us! Watch it, get nostalgic and while you do that; laugh away!

P.S: Happy Birthday Mario! Nothing beats you, you are and will always be our true hero! Cheers to childhood, cheers to you! Live long and prosper!


Source: All India Bakchod

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