6 New Brilliant Whatsapp Features


“I will Whatsapp you my number.” This has become one of the most primary statements people use when they meet each other. Whatsapp has not only made our lives easy, but also comfortable to a great extent. This happened until certain Whatsapp features started showing up and making our lives a tad miserable. The first one of these Whatsapp features is the “last seen” one. It was so annoying for many of us until we learnt how to hide our last seen time. Then came the “Blue Ticks” and added to the misery. If you have read someone’s messages and haven’t replied, s/he will know it; all courtesy to the blue ticks that caused so many misunderstandings. But things have changed again and are helpful. These six Whatsapp features are here to help you out. Have a look.

1Back-up chats to Google Drive

This is one useful feature that helps you backup all the chats that you think are important to your Google account. Every time you clean your phone, you don’t have to worry about the chats getting erased anymore!

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2Star Messages

That time when you want to revisit the conversation or have a look at a special message and keep scrolling is now a history! Starred messages help you to mark important messages. You can give them a look later on.

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3Link Preview

Not exactly like the other Whatsapp features, but it is more about the feel. So now every time someone shares a link you can now see a little picture of it too. It is just like you do in Facebook and Twitter.

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4Clear Chats

Since there is a back up for the chats in Google Drive now, you wouldn’t really want to keep saving the old chats. Whatsapp has made clearing the chats easier. Go to Menu>Settings>Chats and Calls>Chat History>Clear All Chats. You can pick which chats you want to clear.

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5Custom notifications

Tired of the cell phone buzzing every minute? Pick a notification alert for the groups and people whose messages matter. For the rest keep a similar alert so that it is easier to know whether the message is important or not.

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6Mark messages as Read/Unread

The ultimate life saver! We all went into frenzy when the “Blue Ticks” altered our lives for the worse. Now you can read a message and mark it as unread. Cool, right?

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So which one of these Whatsapp features is your favourite?

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