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13 Cartoons Introverts Will Totally Understand

Introvert Cartoons

Introverts Cartoons 


Introversion is a personality type that doesn’t make anyone weird (like the world puts it); they are just different. We find introverts around us and rarely care because we dismiss most of them as arrogant and/or dumb people who are scared of interaction. Here are 13 cartoons introverts will totally understand and relate to. Introversion is not a disease, it’s just a state of mind where in an individual feels much more comfortable in a certain environment. Unfortunately most of them are judged and labelled “arrogant” and “rude”. These images will give you a window into understanding what is it that they like or dislike and why they behave the way they do.

Here’s what the designer of these cartoons had to say about it.

“I draw “INFJoe Cartoons” to encourage and validate fellow introverts and INFJs (one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types).”

Introverts images

Introverts images

“I try to find a little humor in the difficulties introverts and INFJs face while navigating life, so making these cartoons is also a kind of therapy for me.”

Introvert Posters

Introvert graphic Posters

I began drawing them with a Sharpie on regular copy paper.”

Introvert graphic images

Introversion people

“In 2013, however, when my wife and I planned a 2-month trip to Spain, I bought an iPad to be more mobile and started making them with a stylus and Paper by FiftyThree.”

Introversion people

Shy People

What most of us need to understand about introverts is that their priorities and definition of “fun” are different and that doesn’t make them arrogant or lesser people.

Shy People images

Shy People graphic images

What we probably need to do is respect their space and make an effort to understand them.

Shy people behaviour

Personal Space

“For those of you who do not share the introvert preference or the INFJ personality type, I hope these cartoons will give you a little insight and understanding into our world. Thank you for looking!”

Trust is the key

Beautiful, isn’t it?

All images sourced from INFJoe Facebook

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