Priyanka Chopra Roars, Stuns And Impresses In Every Frame Of Jai Gangaajal Trailer


This girl in Jai Gangaajal trailer! We haven’t even gotten over Kashi Bai yet and she is taking us to the next level! Priyanka Chopra, take a bow! Jai Gangaajal trailer is here and it is worth every second of your time. Priyanka Chopra plays the role of an SP whose only mission is to support and find out the truth in every case.

Transferred to one of the most controversial places of the country, Priyanka’s character faces politics, threats and limitless warnings for standing up for the right! You have to see this girl to believe her acting prowess. Every scene is a masterpiece, every dialogue delivered with perfection, every expression genuine and every action sequence worth a whistle! Priyanka Chopra is back in the game in 2016 and how!

If the movie is as good as Jai Gangaajal trailer; we know this girl is going to bag all the awards next year. Prakash Jha surprised all of us with the brilliant Gangaajal; Jai Gangaajal trailer is the proof to how far this man has come ever since and the kind of promise his films hold for in the future.

The kickass trailer is going to be a hit amongst women. Priyanka’s character doesn’t only stand up for what is right, but is also an example for every woman to be courageous. It isn’t every day we get to see actresses playing police officers and the leading the film throughout. That is something we only expect the heroes to do.

But now Singham, Dabangg and every other “police officer” needs to move over! Priyanka Chopra is here to stay! We are so excited about this one!

She is already winning hearts with Kashibai and Quantico and now this! What a brilliant year 2016 is going to be with such films!


Source: PJP- Play

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