Coldplay -Hymn For The Weekend (Official video)
Coldplay -Hymn For The Weekend (Official video)

Coldplay Hymn For The Weekend Is Getting Immense Love But Also Hate For Appropriating The Indian Culture

The world was waiting for Coldplay Hymn for the weekend and now that it is here; the reviews are pretty mixed up. Of course it was a big deal since these guys collaborated with Beyonce who plays a “Bollywood star” in the video. But there has been immense liberty taken on how they have projected India!

Coldplay Hymn for the weekend was shot exclusively in India and that had raised eyebrows and raised the curiosity of fans notches higher. Amidst several things that have been projected in the video-fire breathers and bands playing Holi on the streets are quite “out there”. Beyonce’s look as a Bollywood star isn’t anywhere close to how our actors actually look or dress in the films or in real life.

It just goes out to show that certain set of people in the world still see us as the land of snake charmers and fire breathers. We are the “exotic land” of illiterate people and “weird culture” so to say. The song/video is receiving a lot of love from fans, but Indians have not taken it well; obviously!

Why does the west need to appropriate the Indian culture that much; we have no idea? Moreover just when we thought that this is how it is going to be; we saw Sonam Kapoor! Yup! She is in Coldplay Hymn for the weekend video. What does she do; Pretty much the same stuff; running across an expanse of land, giving a side profile and throwing some flowers in the air. If we were to go by her tweet, it seems like she is quite excited to feature in the video.

We understand, congratulations Sonam, but we hope you know you are better than that. For those of you who still haven’t watched the video, watch it here and decide for yourselves!


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