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9 Posters that Absolutely Define 90s Kids

90s Kids
90s kids

90s Kids


90s was a beautiful time. Life was life complicated, air was a little fresher and technology wasn’t encroaching human contact like it does today. 90s Kids always miss those days amidst all the technology and options available. Innocence, probably, is long gone and there is no way one can bring it back. Cheryl Mina Sampat Jadav came up with these quirky posters for the 90s Kids. These posters representing the 90s Kids will fill you with nostalgia and also subtly remind you of the sea change technology has brought in kids and their attitudes these days. From a sucking candy to using a condom, a lot has changed in the attitude of the children today and most of it has been sorry and shocking. DigToKnow got in touch with Cheryl and this is what she had to say. She has title the project That 90s Kid


“The creatives were just a result of being stuck in bed with nothing major to do but something I have believed in (social media) for about a year.”

90s Kid Drawing on a canvas board 90s Kid used to love phantom candy

“I was born in 1991 and it always confuses me and takes me by surprise as to how we have grown and where we are.”

90s Kid having strict parents

90s Kid using oxford dictionary to explore a word

“The creatives are merely a representation of how we have grown and how things have changed for me/us.”

90s Kid with heavy frame spectales90s Kid used to have fruit juice

90s Kids will definitely find meaning and logic in these minimalist designs that speak volumes.

90s Kids with television set 90s Kid with rubber and pencil

“Some think of it as offensive, but I guess, it is the truth on the whole.”

90s Kid playing with balloons

Reality is always a little cruel, but then an honest representation is something that the society really needs these days.

Cheryl brought it out beautifully! We are sure all 90s Kids are going to have a look at these and smile.

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