Foreigners Give Hilarious Answers On Why Did Katappa Kill Bahubali

We loved the film and it’s our answer to Hollywood and all that jazz; Agreed! But why did Katappa kill Bahubali? That’s one question that has captured our brains and imaginations for a long time now. People have trolled about it, made jokes and shown their ridiculous desperation to know the answer. It’s a smart marketing technique for the next part, we give the team credit for that, but right now (in Arnab’s tone) the nation wants to know! LOL! So somebody got a bunch of foreigners who answered the question and it’s ridiculously hilarious! The kind of answers they have come up with, ROFL!

It’s actually quite a unique concept to randomly walk up and ask a foreigner about it. assuming that they haven’t watched the film in most cases, we can expect some insane answers from these guys. With everyone bringing forth their version of why Kattappa killed Bahubali over the internet, there is a serious dearth of smart techniques. This video has managed to strike gold with it’s fresh concept. The question remains the same, but the answer is asked to people we wouldn’t expect. We are assuming that such videos and experiments are going to go on until next year until the second half releases and we manage to find out our exact answer. it’s also one of the best marketing and Pr techniques to keep the film in news until the second half releases next year. to get an entire nation talking about one question isn’t easy and yet team Bhahubali has managed to do that with a panache. The film is broken all possible box office records and has even grabbed the attention of Hollywood with it’s brilliant effects and intriguing storyline.

P.S: Why did Kattapa kill Bahubali?


Source: Rickshawali

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