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This Video Is A Perfect Ode To Fathers Around The World


Saluting Fatherhood on Father’s Day

Our obsession with mothers and their love for us is legit. After all, it’s always Mommy who is constantly looking after us and tolerating our tantrums. But often we miss out on celebrating fatherhood. We forget that while mothers comfort us when we are ill, dads ensure that we are treated by the best doctors no matter what their fees are. If a mother is the nurturer, the father is the provider. They may seem strict, but that is only because they don’t want us to make the mistakes they made.

This video by Broken Camera Films celebrates fatherhood in the most heartwarming way. A son’s heart wrenching confession to his father for not giving him enough time after growing up and then his feelings as he enters into fatherhood are beautifully captured. We are often told by parents that we will understand how they feel only when we will be in their shoes. The anxiety, the fear, the joy, the sheer hysteria of being at the cross roads of being a son forever and a young father voices how every son feels today.

Several believe that there doesn’t need to be a day to celebrated parenthood; agreed! But it isn’t just about celebrating. There is more to it. It is about appreciating every single thing fathers have done and invested in us. It’s about taking a moment from our busy lives and understanding the magnitude of what fathers (rather parents) have done for us. The video is a beautiful ode to that inexplicable love and sacrifices fathers have made for us expecting nothing in return.

This video doesn’t celebrate Father’s Day, it rather appreciates Fatherhood and that is a never ending process. A man cannot ever stop being a ‘Dad’ once he becomes one. Once we learn to understand this difference between a day and the state of fatherhood, we will not need days to appreciate our parents.


Source: Broken Camera Films

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