Fan trailer by a Fan
Fan trailer by a Fan

Fan Trailer By A Fan

This is exactly why I love the internet. Parents can continue nagging their kids for being glued to their laptops, but the kids know what they are up to. Take this guy who made Fan trailer by a fan. Never would he have thought that a special effects trailer featuring him will lead him to this. He didn’t only impress the internet with what he did, but SRK as well.

So much so that SRK actually ended up offering him a job! Yeah, that’s right! Fan trailer by a fan is basically an ode to this guy’s love for SRK. He replaced SRK (the fan) in the movie with himself. With that, he created one of the most viewed and popular fan created trailer of all time. Fan trailer by a fan goes out to show this guy’s love and obsession for SRK.

The video spread on Twitter like wild fire and soon enough everyone starting sharing and tweeting SRK about it. And contrary to what everyone might think; SRK didn’t only read the tweets; he replied. And he didn’t only reply, he offered a job to this guy. He asked him to join his VFX Company! Isn’t that incredibly awesome?!

What might have probably started out as a tribute to the super star ended up with a job for its creator! It is an open offer by the super star. We are still to know if the fan took up the job offer or not. We don’t see any reason to deny such a fantastic offer, but well.

The internet is now turning out to be that platform where the world is brought on the same level. It brings people closer to each other and fans to meet their idols.

Watch the Fan made trailer here:


And now here is SRK’s response that broke the internet!



We love the internet!

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