Some Guy Made A Video On Different Public Toilets Around The World Including India

Have you ever wondered how different public toilets are around the world? From their cleanliness to their downright “cannot be used” kind of terrible, unkempt face, public toilets speak volumes about the place and on a larger scale the country’s priority and attitude towards hygiene and sanitary facilities. This video on different public toilets around the world may irk you because of its choice of subject, but you must watch it. It shows you where India stands when it comes to providing the most basic facilities to its people and visitors. Different public toilets around the world is a fresh concept and although it may put you off initially, you will be surprised to see the number of views and appreciation it has got for bringing to light a key issue; cleanliness. From Dubai to the U.S, this guy has managed to capture most key places. Some of these places were so impressive in terms of cleanliness that you actually watch him using a tissue to clean half the toilet. Also, as the video suggests, these are public toilets, so the video isn’t portraying toilets in hotel rooms or cinema halls, for that matter. From India he has shown a little snippet from New Delhi and its quite shameful compared to different public toilets world over. For all the big talks and brags on progress, may be this video will work as an eye opener and will get us to work and improve at the most basic, grass root level first. For all the political differences that you may have, the Prime Minister’s cleanliness drive won’t feel like a waste of time after watching this video.

India, are you listening?
One tip though; Do not watch it while you are eating something! It’s non-appetizing in ways we cannot describe here.


Source: Cut Video

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