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If sarcasm and wit are your middle names, if your friends genuinely laugh at your jokes; if you can turn real life issues/situations into sarcastic comedy; brace yourself! Comedy Hunt On Youtube could be your ticket to fame in the world of stand up and much more. AIB, Kanan Gill and several others who have been your role models to excellence are now giving you a genuine chance to grab their attention and make them laugh via Comedy hunt On Youtube. It’s not going to be easy; making the most acclaimed funny men/woman of the country laugh is never easy, but it’s going to be worth it. If you think you have it in you; watch this promo video and get rolling NOW! Life is full of crap; it’s always pleasant to have more people to help us forget about it.

You know, we often hear of animosity among stars and how one plays the “politics” to get the other thrown out; it’s the absolute opposite out here. You see practically every youtube celebrity (Indian) getting together in order to look for someone who can join their madness and add more colours to our entertainment. Of course it’s extremely challenging a task to get together for something this. More than hard work and dedication, it requires humility. It requires for each of them to put away their ego and take this competition to new heights. That’s what touched us much more about them. You have to listen to all the insults and sarcasm they have passed on to each other. It shows how it’s just all in the show, but not in the heart. So all stand up comedians get ready!

Could it be you? Time and Comedy Hunt On Youtube will answer that.

Source : AIB Youtube

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