Watch Horror Short Film On The Real-Life Incident Of Two Dead Sisters In Hyderabad And Noida

Horror short films are a trend today. The whole idea of being able to scare somebody within a couple of minutes has been taking over the internet lately. Unfortunately Indian horror films have received as much appreciation as films from the other countries have. But, we guess our search ends here.

This horror short film is based on the real life incidents of a double murder case. Two sisters were murdered by a stalker who stabbed them 12 times. The girls were murdered in Noida Tech Park within their office premises. Since then they had been attacking several youngsters working in that particular building. They attacked either out of anger, revenge or they just wanted to give out a message; the reasons aren’t clear yet. It had been reported that every time an individual was attacked by these sisters; he/she ended up losing his/her balance of mind. Within months Noida Tech Park start reporting cases of mentally unstable people. Finally the building was sealed and reported to be haunted.

We believe that the horror short film here is based on the kind of experiences the victims had during the attack by the two dead sisters. The director has tried to bring to life their representation on how things turned out to be for a couple of people on the fateful night/s. The horror short film may not be too scary in the way it has been treated. What’s scary is the fact that all of this happened for real and has been reported in several newspapers. If not anything else this film stands true to the testimony on the existence of ghosts, rather violent, scary ghosts. The film took to social media sharing and liking instantly. We thought this could be a treat for all our horror buff fans on the list. On a serious note, we are really appalled for the two sisters.


Source: Vipra Dialogues 

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