GOT Season 6 Behind The Scenes Video

If you are a GOT addict, you have probably started hearing the clock ticking for the 24th of April. The addiction grows by the minute when the team keeps releasing such videos. Take this GOT season 6 behind the scenes videos for example. It is all kinds of awesome and the perfect window for all the viewers to look into everything that happens behind the camera.

GOT season 6 behind the scenes video released some time back and has been the talking point among fans ever since. It’s a look at the popular series from the director’s point of view. What are the challenges and the questions they face while shooting and what is the perspective they adapt to in order to create the kind of experience they give us. From the deserts where Daenerys struggles to maintain law and order to Tyrion Lannister who manages to get into her good books and help her out; GOT season 6 behind the scenes video covers all this and more.

The best part about this video are the glimpses we get to see from the upcoming seasons. Cersei’s pain, Jamie travelling with his dead daughter’s body, Daenerys in chains walking with the Dothrakis, so many glimpses! The video went viral on all social media platforms within minutes of the upload.

Game of Thrones team has decided not to give out any press prints this time round for the reviews. They want to keep everything under the wraps. Moreover, the promotional activity has been quite different this time. First the images, a teaser that didn’t satisfy several and just a few nits and bits about season 6; that’s all we got this time. But this video is a proof to how bombastic season 6 is going to be.

Winter is here, almost!


Source: GameofThrones

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