Every Deleted Scene From Game of Thrones

This is absolutely genius! While 10 episodes close to an hour’s time are never enough to satiate us, we almost manage to look over the fact that a lot gets edited when the episode reaches the editor’s room.

We have definitely considered the possibility of deleted scenes in the show and hopped on Youtube at the drop of a hat. But then, are we sure that we have been through every deleted scene from Game of Thrones? What if we have missed out of the really potent ones that could be symbolic in certain ways?

Youtuber Weirwood collected every deleted scene from all the seasons of the popular show and clubbed all into one brilliant video. What does it do? For starters, it gives you a point of reference as to what belongs in which season and how relations developed between characters ever since. Secondly, at some stage, they help us join the missing dots or give us a larger, deeper perspective between two characters that we have seen interacting on the show (officially in the episode).

Season one doesn’t have enough deleted scenes given the fact that most part of what was shot was picked up for the episode during season one.

The video has gone absolutely on all social media platforms and given that we have to wait longer for season seven, this really helps kill some part of that time. For those of us who may not know this, the creators of the show are actually waiting for a proper winter to set in before they start shooting given that winter has finally arrived on the show.

Therefore, instead of the usual spring release, we will get to watch season seven in the summer of 2017.Moreover, season seven will only consist of seven episodes. Because of the late release of the upcoming season, Game of Thrones also won’t receive a single Emmy nomination next year.

So while we wait and rot in all this pain, this video can work as the soothing balm.


Source:  Weirwood

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