Ranveer Deepika Video 


If you are their fan, you have to watch this Ranveer Deepika Vogue Video. We love them, adore them and cannot get enough of them. Ranveer-Deepika is the “it” couple today representing our generation that believes in committed and fun relationship. As if their cute tantrums and bold display of love in events wasn’t enough they come up with this video!

The video has a perky question to ask all of us “who is cooler” of the two? That’s like Sophie’s choice for all of us! There are sections in the Ranveer Deepika Vogue video that show flashes of their HOT photoshoot; OH MY GOD! You will not be able to take your eyes off Deepika and there is no way Ranveer’s charm can go unseen! If this wasn’t enough, to accompany and sort of balance the hotness are flashes of the ridiculously cute side of this adorable couple. The video is aesthetically extremely appealing; it will leave you panting by the time it ends.

It’s something else to these actors playing a character on screen and a separate ball game to be themselves before the camera laughing, hugging, and looking into each other’s eyes (faints). Ranveer Deepika Vogue video is trending among fans on youtube faster than bullets leaving guns. The video is going to make you want to have a relationship like theirs. Vogue has always been one of the iconic flag bearers of fashion and style. Couple that with a teaspoon of romance, oodles of good look and a pinch of hotness and there is nothing that can stop them from trending on social media.

If you cannot wait for Bajirao Mastani to see their chemistry unfold on screen, watch this! It will help you survive for a couple of days without complaining.

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Source: Vogue India

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