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What If Man of Steel (Superman) Was In Colour? A Fantastic Video

Superman, man of steel, in colour
Man Of Steel in colour

Man of Steel In Colour


Source : Videolab Youtube source

Colours are the most important factor when it comes to movies. Sometimes, they could be the sole reason behind a movie’s success or loss (remember Sawariya?). We all absolutely loved Man Of Steel and Superman’s brand new avatar in that one. Loaded with action, the right visual effects and the spectacular editing brought in that sense of satisfaction after long months of nurtured anticipation among fans. But the film lacked colours and that was an issue with VideoLab for sure. Most of us wouldn’t have even realized what a difference colours would make to this highly successful film if nobody was to show us what we see in this video. The difference between the coloured video and the original film are absolutely shocking. VideoLab also explained how Superman’s costume in Man Of Steel was a bright blue and red, just like we know, but the film’s ‘aesthetics’ changed things. Probably the team was trying to bring in The Dark Knight effect, but like they say, “what works for one film may not work for the other.” They have also showed how the new much hyped Batman VS Superman film also seems to be continuing the same trend. VideoLab believes that if Superman is shown in colours and Batman in his usual grey and black hues, the film could present an added contrast and a striking effect. Plus it gives so much more volumes to the characters that they are. batman is the man of the night; therefore black and grey and Superman always in the day, thus brighter colours. From the way they have made the entire video, we do tend to agree with them (a little). Well, now it’s for the fans to decide how valid this argument is. We definitely do agree with their parting lines “Superman is meant to fly in blue skies and bright days.” Isn’t he?

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