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These Images Will Change Your Perception towards Life

Perception Towards life

Perception Images


It’s not the money we have, the house we live in, the clothes we wear or the car we drive that define our success. It’s the way we approach life that decides our fate. How do we take failure and how fast are we ready to recover from it and rebuild our road to success, speaks volumes about the kind of person we all are. Perception plays a key role in molding our attitude towards most things in life. Like they say whether we look at the class as being half empty or half full; that makes all the difference. It’s about that road not travelled. Are we ready to take it or are we still following the customs that it is not supposed to be taken without actually exploring the possibilities out there? Also, whatever it is that we think or have been brought up to think, will ultimately also work as the blue print for our kids and therefore a ‘perception’ over the smallest of issue in life is extremely vital. Understanding this concept and in their attempt to simply explain this concept to the country, WittyFeed [Official Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]came up with a fantastic set of designs to explain the importance of perception in today’s world, the designs are brilliant and completely suit the Indian sensibilities that have been drenched in mindsets and customs for ages. The album is named #ItsAllAboutPerception

Do you care about being late or about the person’s health?
Perception about the person’s health

Are you still bound by days and age old customs?
Perception About Haircut

Does an innocent animal’s colour and walking still bother you?
Perception about Cats

Do you still choose a belief or do you consider a simpler, probable possibility?
Perception about Dogs barking

Are you still bound by blind belief and selfishness or are you emotionally still alive?
Perception about Dead body

Do you still get nervous over age old sayings or do you think logically?
Perception about Mirror

Ultimately, it’s all about this one question.
Half Glass Full glass


You need to answer yourself and you will know whether you stand on the left or on the right.

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All images have been sourced from WittyFeed’s Facebook page.

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