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Salaam Bombay Foundation Video on Girl Child Education is Brilliant!

Salaam Bombay Foundation
Salaam Bombay Foundation

Salaam Bombay Foundation Video on Girl Child Education is Brilliant!

While most of us are still arguing about equal pay at work, there are hundreds of girls who aren’t given the privilege of education. Probably that is why Salaam Bombay Foundation received a tremendous response when it took the initiative to impart education to underprivileged girls. Very soon the Foundation ran out of funds as the number of students increased. That’s when FCB Ulka came up with a fantastic plan called “Project Resume” and helped Salaam Bombay Foundation. They picked three bright girls from the lot and got them to apply for their dream jobs. What happened after that will leave you surprised and pleased. Salaam Bombay Foundation managed to make a striking statement without going overboard and made most corporate companies realize how important education is for every child. Such projects not only need to be appreciated, but also shared among as many people as possible. Education is the primary right of every human being regardless of the gender. We know that there are several NGOs like Salaam Bombay that are working towards the betterment of girl child education, but probably we need more ads like this one to get people to understand teh crust of the matter. More NGOs like Salaam Bombay Foundation need to be motivated and supported for the absolutely wonderful and thoughtful projects they undertake for the betterment of the society. It’s high time we prioritize education for every child in the country irrespective of the child’s caste, gender or religion.

Salaam Bombay has set out an important message for all of us. If we do actually listen and contribute to NGOs like this one; there is a chance we will be able to see how that helps the future of this country. Don’t only watch this video, please share it too. It needs that support from us.

Have a look at their video here!


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