You have probably been to several “happening” cities of the country and think you have travelled enough. Well, you haven’t if you haven’t been to Vadodara. If you think Ahmedabad is the only face of Gujarat, you are highly mistaken. Ahmedabad is awesome undoubtedly, but Vadodara falls under a different league. There is no way you visit Gujarat and skip visiting this beautiful city. Believe us once you are there, you will hate leaving it. Amongst a million reasons that every person living there could give you, we bring you 10 reasons why Vadodara is the heart of Gujarat. You must visit it once at least!

1It’s the cultural capital of the state.

You have to see how bent the city is towards everything art, aesthetics and culture. This is the haven!

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We promise you will NOT find this kind of garba anywhere in Gujarat! Vadodara can give any city and/or country a run for its money when it comes to garba! It’s vibrant and worth every penny.

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3The food

Come on, it’s Gujarat! What are we without food! From its famous omlettes to the kulfis, Vadodara’s food is to die for!

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4Town Planning

Vadodara has the best town planning hands down. From the bus stop to the railway station, it’s all close enough. You will feel the difference when you are out there.

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With MSU there, what can possibly go wrong with education in Vadodara. The university offers courses in several subjects, some of which you won’t even know exist. With a lush green campus and a promising campus life, MSU is the place to be.

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6The Personalities

Sam Pitroda, an inventor, entrepreneur, policymaker and Advisor to the Prime Minister of India on Public Information Infrastructure & Innovations and widely considered to have been responsible for India’s communications revolution hails from Vadodara. Then there are brothers Yousuf and Irfan Pathan who have done the nation proud in Cricket. Dance sensation Dharmesh Yelande hails from here too. Tanvi Vyas, Sarita Joshi, Nethra Raghuraman have all been from here.

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7The Royalty!

Laxmi Vilas Palace; need we say anything more?

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It’s the heaven of Vadodara! Not only is this check dam the best place to spend a lovely weekend with the family or your date, the road journey is nothing less than exotic. Surrounded by hills and trees this 14 kms journey from the city is all you need for a beautiful getaway.

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9It’s safe

Just like every other city of Gujarat, Vadodara too is equally safe for girls. This is a big bonus for all the outstation students who move to the city for further education.

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10The people

What is a good city without good people? People in Vadodara are warm and welcoming. You will only take minutes to adjust. The city and its people never let you down.

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We pledge our eternal love for Vadodara!

If you think we have missed out on any points here, please share in comments.

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