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This guy tries to guess her age and it’s extremely hilarious!

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Wong Fu Productions

Guy tries to guess her age 

 This guy tries to guess her age in the most insanely awesome way possible. What do you do when you look at an attractive guy/girl at a coffee shop? Well, two things. You keep staring at him/her to the level of insanity, you smile at him/her or you try to strike a conversation with the person. Our guy here aims for the second one and is quite good at it. The only thing that is confusing him is the woman’s age. How did it start? One of his friends thought she was 16 while the other thought she was definitely 40. The hilarious video speaks volumes on how a woman can be crazy, fun, silly and matured all in the same moment and can sound like a 2 year old and a 70 year old within the same sentence. Now wonder the guy tries to guess her age and has a really difficult time doing so. While our hero was busy trying to figure out her actual age in order to ask her out, you won’t believe the kind of calculations she was making about him in her head. If you thought only the guy tries to guess her age; you are in for a treat here! For that, you will have to watch this one right till the end. It will surely light up a bad day and leave you smiling. The kind of concepts and videos come up with is truly impressive and surprising.  It’s a tiny window for men and women on what they think of each other during and/or after the first conversation. It also shows how age has no direct relation with an individual’s knowledge and intellect; these are two genuinely different arenas. The video has received immense credit and love all around the world for its unique concept and execution. The actors are brilliant; it’s the stuff happening in their heads in the background that keeps the viewers in its grip. It’s a different and a unique take on modern relationships. We are pretty sure every guy will be able to relate to this video where the guy tries to guess her age. We are even surer of women being able to relate to this, especially in the end! If you are in a relationship, watch this with your partner; it will double up the fun!

Source : Wong Fu Productions

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