Indian National Anthem By Sports Heroes Is The Most Inspiring Thing You Will Watch Today

In spite of the fact that several sports are now beginning to get their due attention and respect in the country, sports remains an arena parents are not too comfortable exploring. Indian National Anthem by sports heroes will fill you with pride for all the right reasons. It doesn’t only celebrate several sports that have now come up in the country, it celebrates the passion. It shows why it is important for children to get into this field and understand the importance of these for the country’s future.

The video is a beautiful ode to every sport and sports heroes of the country. This Republic Day, the idea is to bring up those arenas we don’t pay a lot of attention too. We do look into sports, but only when it is Cricket or when one of our favourite sportsman/woman is associated with it. The purpose of Indian national anthem by sports heroes is to break that mentality. It is about celebrating every sport in the country without having any prejudices in our minds.

Gone are the days when sports only meant cricket and therefore the rest of the games had limited or no access to people attention. Over a couple of decades we have seen sport icons emerging from areas we didn’t even know are being explored in the country. The video features veterans from Sachin Tendulkar to Saniya Mirza. Sports, team spirit and the desire to perform for the country are legacies that are passed on by these heroes to the next generation.

This Republic Day let’s promise to keep that spirit alive. Let’s promise to respect every sport in the country and support it without relying on films or media reports to wake us up!

Vande Mataram!


Source: The Sports Heroes

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