Seeing Too Many FREE BASICS Notifications On Faceebook? Watch AIB Save The Internet 3 Now!

If you have applied for the FREE BASICS crap that Facebook is fooling you with, you have fallen for the trap again! AIB save the internet 3 is for all of us who think that we are helping ourselves and others by voting for “net neutrality”. First up, Free Basics is NOT net neutrality. It is the opposite of that. Therefore it is going to end up filling up the pockets of Facebook with your money.

It is quite shameful that many of us end up falling for this kind of crap without even reading about it over the internet. The least Indian expects out of its youngsters is to read and decide for themselves. Everything doesn’t have to be a trend that we follow. We need to question, research and find answers before voting for anything. We love AIB, but isn’t it kind of sad that these guys have to step us every time and educate us about net neutrality? AIB save the internet 3 is one of the most useful handles for you to understand what is happening in the country regarding net neutrality.

It is very important that all of us understand that we are getting manipulated by several business honchos who just want to make money. Remember This is basically that with a fancier name. Moreover Facebook very strategically has promoted Free Basics by putting it in the notification of every Indian. It basically tries to mess with our brains by pushing us to do the same.

AIB save the internet 3 is the only way we will be able to spread the word and stop youngsters from signing up for Free Basics by Facebook.

Once again, thank you guys for this!


Source: All India Bakchod

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