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Google Says Happy Birthday to Nellie Bly in Style

Nellie Bly
Happy Birthday Nellie Bly

Google Says Happy Birthday to Nellie Bly in Style

If you still haven’t watched it, you are missing out. Today is Nellie Bly’s 151st birthday and Google has the perfect video doodle to wish her. While most are impressed by the doodle, very few know who she is. This woman redefined investigative journalism and made a revolution for women associated with this field. Nellie Bly was not only a journalist but also an inventor and an industrialist. Nellie Bly made a record breaking trip around the world in 72 days and also faked insanity in order to investigate an asylum from the inside (who would have the guts to do that in her time?!). Nellie Bly has been the biggest motivation for women across countries, especially America. Nellie Bly was her pen name, her real name being Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman. Google doodlers found the perfect way to celebrate this brave woman who was way ahead of her time by making the perfect video on her. The video is a part of Google doodle today (5th May, 2015) and has generated a lot of likes, hits and appreciation world over. We are sure Nellie Bly too is smiling from up there looking at the perfect Google doodle. The lady has been a strong inspiration for women even today. She didn’t only take journalism to another level, but also redefined it for women world over. Several female journalists look up to her and wish to follow in her footsteps. It takes a lot of dedication and guts to do what Bly did during her time. Investigative journalism got a new face after the efforts she made to discover and report the truth. We definitely see Barkha Dutt along these lines. The lady was a living institute during her time; her fearlessness and passion for work is celebrated even today. If you still haven’t watched it, here’s the video. It’s extremely cute and inspiring all at once.


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