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This 9 year old girl donated 1 lakh to Narendra Modi for Women’s Safety

Melody Sabnani
Donation from Melody Sabnani

Melody Sabnani a 9 year old girl donates 1 lakh to Narendra Modi


Melody is a citizen of Hong Kong and a big fan of Narendra Modi. She always wanted to meet him and talk to him in person. For that, she wrote a letter to Mr. Modi and asked him to meet her over a contribution she wanted to make for his “Clean Ganga” initiative. And as luck would have it, she got to meet her hero very soon. She got a reply from Mr. Modi who asked her to meet her on his latest trip to China. The girl got to hang out with the Prime Minister of India in Shanghai and was over the moon. That’s when she contributed 1 lakh rupees from her own savings for the betterment of women back in India.

The girl has set a wonderful example for everyone back in the country. All of us may not be at a financial state where we may be able to donate money to the government, but there is a lot that we can do the ensure women’s safety today. We believe a lot of the country’s issue could get settled if women could lead a peaceful and a safe life in this country. What Melody has done is also a wake up call for the government. If a girl who stays this far from the country knows about the sorry state of women’s safety in the country; it’s high time we take the necessary steps to rectify everything that’s wrong with our system. Like they say “Change begins from within an individual”, are we really willing to change?

Melody has won the heart of every Indian today. Is there anything more innocent, cute and thoughtful than this?


That’s the sweet, little Melody

Melody Sabnani

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Melody’s letter

Melody Sabnani's letter to narendra modi

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Melody with Mr. Narendra Modi

Melody Sabnani donating to narendra modi

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Melody Sabnani

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She’s set an example for all of us!

Image courtesy Melody Sabnani

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